Empower Your Child with Essential Life Skills!

Empower Your Child with Essential Life Skills

"I didn't know anything about your iLEAP program when my son joined. But, it really exceeded my expectations. This program is really great" - Jassy Anthony

"Thank you for offering such a wonderful public speaking program" - Yimin

85% Success from Soft Skills - Harvard University

Harvard University research says that soft skills are responsible for 85% of success. It is better to start learning at a younger age than older. At iLEAP Club, we teach children essential life skills; we pride ourselves in empowering the children and motivating them to realize their potential and achieve more on their own. The iLEAP Club program helps build valuable soft skills to have a richer, fuller, and more successful future.

Band Advancement & Peer Evaluation

iLEAP Club members are evaluated by fellow members as well as “Experienced Facilitators” for their performances. While members develop their own skills in giving positive feedback and engaging evaluation, they also earn “credit points” towards their “Band Advancement”.

Unique Format & Over 112 Soft Skills

iLEAP Club follows a unique program format. In the facilitator led sessions, members learn by taking initiative to sign up for roles, providing constructive and positive feedback, presenting and speaking in front of their peers, and organizing the meetings for themselves.The program covers over 112 soft skills.

Personal and Professional Success

Soft skills is a set of personal qualities that help make an individual a positively contributing member of any organization and society. Soft skills include personal qualities such as positive attitude, communication, leadership, planning, time management, organizing, critical thinking, teamwork and so on. The iLEAP Club program helps children achieve personal and professional successes in their life.