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iLEAP Club Children Public Speaking & Leadership Club

"Harvard University research studies say that soft skills are responsible for 85% of success; but, we spend less than 28% in developing soft skills"



Soft skills play an important role in our personal and professional success; they are in high demand in the workforce and the future will require even more. However, our current education systems are not equipped to teach these skills to our children. This is what iLEAP Club is doing:

"Teaching Your Children Soft and Social Skills"

At iLEAP Club, we strongly believe that teaching children essential soft skills at younger age, along with education will help them realize their full potential.

In an engaging, encouraging and empowering environment, the iLEAP Club Children Public Speaking and Leadership program covers over 112 essential soft skills that help children and youth - from age 6 to 16 - to realize their full potential and become successful in their lives.

The iLEAP Club programs are designed with the individual child in mind, as well as to supplement academic success.

Our Objectives is to help your children:

  • To realize their potential and contribute positively to the world.
  • To build their confidence and become more successful.
  • To have a better and healthier relationships.
  • To lay a foundation for entrepreneurial and innovation skills.
  • To deal with fear, bullying and anxiety effectively.

Past iLEAP club members, now studying medical, dental and engineering programs at reputed universities attributed some of their success to communication skills, interview skills, and interpersonal skills that they developed at iLEAP Club.

Contact: info@ileapclub.org

Empower Your Child with Essential Life Skills.